10 Questions to Ask Yourself When Doing a Self-Discovery. Self-Discovery is the third step in the Love 4Self method. It’s part of the method because you need to remind yourself of who you are when keeping yourself accountable to your self-love. Therefore, we will see the questions that you can ask yourself when you’re doing your self-discovery in this post.

What’s a Self-Discovery

In the Beauty of Self-Love Ebook, Emmerance described self-discovery as the step where you discover who you are. In the Self-Awareness stage, we became aware of the being that we are, how God created us and how perfect we are. In the Self-Discovery step, we now discover the not-so-perfect side of us.

Doing a Self-Discovery makes us think about ourselves. The best way to do this is to see ourselves as a third person and “judge” ourselves. We’re not negatively judging ourselves, but we’re doing it fairly. We acknowledge our weaknesses and strengths. And we revisit the things that we like and dislike.

Tools to help you when doing a Self-Discovery

When coaching my clients, there are some tools that I recommend for them to try. These tools would help them start their Self-Discovery because we often forget who we are. I also did try the tools mentioned below. It helped me discover that I was an introvert, naturally shy, and how to use them to my benefit.

The use of these tools is solely at your discretion. I do not own them, and I recommend using your own judgment and being open-minded when doing them. You don’t have to agree to all of them, and you can always retake the quiz for different results.

Personality test: The 16personalities website is an excellent tool if you’re looking to know your weaknesses and strengths. They also provide different types of advice for your personality type, which helps you ponder about them and yourself. When you do the test for the first time, the answer might not be accurate. 

I recommend you do it at least three times, and if you keep getting the same result, consider reading the information. I highly recommend that you do the test first thing in the morning at least once; this helps you answer the questions without bias or distractions.

Astrology: You might not be a zodiac sign fan, I understand. I don’t rely on astrology, but I find it interesting. A friend of mine recommended the website that I’m suggesting. When I answered the questions, I was taken away by the result. If you don’t believe in astrology, that’s fine. However, if you’re open-minded, I recommend that you give it a try.

The test is more accurate when you know the time of birth. You can do it just for fun, but also do consider the results. It might help you answer the ten questions below. 

Strengths test: The high5test is pretty straightforward; it helps you discover what you’re good at. You can do it for fun, and you can also invite your friends to do the quiz (they answer for you) and see if there are similarities.

Love languageThe 5 Love Language might help you doing your Self-Discovery. You’re probably wondering why it’s on the list. Well, I realized that many people don’t know how to love themselves right. They don’t know how to do it because they don’t know what they like and dislike. 

The 5 Love Language will give you your love language, how you want to be loved. When you get your result, please consider it. 

Feminine Archetype: Let me apologize to the men reading this; this quiz is for women only. Or if you feel like you have a good amount of feminine energy. Regardless, the 13 feminine archetypes is another quiz that you can do to help you discover yourself. I did it recently, and I found it very accurate.

It’s not the same as the 16personalities test. Therefore, I don’t think you need to do it twice, plus I find it very long. There’s also a course that comes with it if you’d like to explore that side of your feminity. 

Taking quizzes helps you with your Self-Discovery.

The websites that I suggested above are key to helping you discover yourself. The reason why I tried all of them is that there’s a lot of things that I barely know about myself, plus I love quizzes. However, our own judgements often bias us. Hence, it’s essential to do certain quizzes, remain open-minded, and question those who know us well.

Whether you do one of the quizzes above or all of them, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re doing some deep work. When doing the quizzes, I recommend that you don’t take in everything they suggest. I recommend that you question everything and even ask your parents, siblings, close friends if the results are accurate.

The ten questions below aren’t quizzes; they are questions you have to ask yourself, and for some, you’ll have to do an introspection. I suggest that you write the questions down or download the free worksheet here to write the answers directly in the PDF file.

Ten questions to ask yourself when doing a self-discovery.

What do I love about myself? Asking yourself this question will make your brain think about everything you’ve accomplished in your life. You might also think about the way you handle yourself in this world. You can write down as many things as you like, make that brain work!

What are my five weaknesses? If you agree with the quizzes result, you can enter the weaknesses they pointed out here. However, go above that and write down other weaknesses that you say you have or other people say you have.

What are my five strengths? If you agree with the quizzes result, you can enter the same strengths here. However, go above that and write down other qualities that you say you have or other people say you have.

What do I enjoy about life? Do you love your life? Let’s discover that together. If you don’t have anything to write down at this point, take a break and ponder on this question. Remember, there are no good answers. You’re only discovering more things about yourself.

What would I say is my God-given gift? A God-given gift is something that you do well without any effort. For example, I’m good at being compassionate, provide sound advice and have deep conversations. I do all that effortlessly. However, if you ask me to draw, I might need to take a few courses. If you don’t think that you have a God-given gift, then ask people around you; they might help.

What do I love to do? We often live our lives on auto-pilot. We wait for people to tell us what we should like and dislike. I remember when I realized that I was not too fond of group gatherings like clubbing. It was a weird feeling at first. However, I realized that I liked the quiet time with myself over everything, and that’s okay. People that will now come into your life will have to accept that you don’t like what everyone likes.

What are my values? I recommend picking 3 to 5 values. Knowing your values, it’s like knowing what you like and dislike. Your values will keep you accountable whenever you have to make a challenging decision. If you don’t know them, you can Google them and see what best resonates with you.

What do I hate the most? We all dislike certain things, and that okay. My best friend hates chocolate, and I can’t go a month without them. Know what you dislike, and don’t let people force you to them.

Would I say that I’m an introvert or extrovert? If you’re unsure what these are, do the 16personalities test. Remember that you can be both.

Do I consider myself an optimist or a pessimist? If you’re unsure about it, ask people that know you well. In other words, you can answer this question: When you see a glass of water that has water in up to the middle. Would you say that the glass of water as half-full or half-empty?

Bookmark this blog post if you’re going to do this at a later date. Don’t forget; you can grab the free workbook here, which might be easier for you to write the answers down.

Self-Discovery is helpful when it comes to setting boundaries.

Last but not least, I want you to know that you’ll be comfortable setting boundaries in your life when you know yourself. Doing a Self-Discovery at least three times a year helps you keep up with yourself. I say keep up because we often change. When we decide to move to another city, we discover another personality, and I want you to know that it’s okay to change.

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