When starting your development journey, one thing that you should never miss is self-awareness. Practicing self-awareness at the beginning of your development journey helps you work on yourself effectively. Hence why in this post, we will see how to become more self-aware.

What is Self-Awareness?

In Emmerance’s words, self-awareness is the realization that you’re godly made. Everyone is created differently, but we were all created perfectly for a purpose. To become more self-aware is to have the ability to view ourselves from the inside.

Many people have a hard time accepting themselves because they are prone to comparing themselves with other people. The sad part of this is that they no longer see their true self. 

The benefit of becoming more self-aware.

There are many benefits of practicing self-awareness. To name a few, when you practice self-awareness, you become conscious of your being. When this happens, you start to decrease your ego whenever it’s trying to resurface. 

People that have a big self-awareness don’t care about what other people think. When you know where you come from and what’s your purpose in this world, you’re in control of your life.

Whether someone says something negative or positive to you, it shouldn’t change anything because you know who you are. When you’re aware of yourself, you know that you’re beautiful; you don’t need someone else to tell you this constantly. Although it’s a nice thing to say to someone, it shouldn’t change the perspective that you have about yourself.

On the contrary, when someone says something mean to you, you don’t believe in what they said. The reason is that you know where you come from, and you know that you’re not those mean things. 

Practicing self-awareness helps you understand how you work. Why people are the way they are, and also why you are the way you are. You start to accept the way you’re made in and out. It also helps you be calmer and in control.

Here’s how you can become more self-aware.

#1. Meditation

Many people use meditation for many reasons. You probably meditate to calm yourself, to sleep better or as a hobby. There are different ways to meditate. However, the way I’m suggesting here is the way that helped me become more self-aware.

Meditation helped me realize that I wasn’t my thoughts, that I was entirely in control of my body, and could manifest many things when I meditate. 

The best type of meditation for self-awareness is guided meditation. You can find many of them on YouTube. However, the one that helped me the most was the Eckhart Tolle guided meditation that targets the ego. You can find it on Spotify here. 

How To Become More Self-Aware

#2. Awareness

Becoming aware of our emotions, habits, change in moods is part of self-awareness. Although we’re created perfectly, as human beings, we have many flaws that we must address. That’s where you add awareness to your everyday routine. 

In the next few days, whenever something triggers you, ask yourself what made you feel that way. Whenever you have negative thoughts, be aware of the reason behind those thoughts. 

Becoming aware of those things that we usually ignore in our daily routine will help us grow. I believe that when you’re aware of yourself, you become more disciplined, and you’ll have a good amount of self-control. 

If you want to go deeper, I challenge you to catch yourself in your thoughts. Many of us change moods because we think that it’s a normal thing to be bipolar. However, these things can hurt the ones around us if we don’t pay close attention.

#3. Know where you come from

Many people believe that God didn’t create us. If that’s you, it’s cool; you can skip to the next one. If you believe that God created you, then keep reading.

Self-awareness is connected to your being. When you’re practicing self-awareness, you naturally become aware of the fact that God created you perfectly. When reading affirmations, you have to believe in what you’re reading for it to work. It’s the same thing as when you read the bible.

The bible says that we’re created in the image of God, and Jesus said that whatever he did on earth, we’re capable of doing more. Don’t quote me on this; I do not know which chapter it is, but it’s there in the bible. Just look for it.

My point here is, the bible tells us exactly where we come from and our purpose. You don’t need any other self-help book if you’re able to read and understand the bible. I say this because that book helps you become more self-aware, and the more aware of yourself you have, the less you’ll become depressed.

#4 Question everything

The most important task to do when you practice self-awareness is to question everything. You don’t need to answer the questions. However, it opens up an open mindset and understanding of yourself.

It’s good to meditate, which is relaxing and looking at how you can control yourself. It’s also good to be aware of your emotions. However, when you put them all together and ask yourself the “why,” you will start to understand yourself more.

There was a time where I had a change of circle. I lost many of my friends during my personal development journey. Whenever I tried to understand what had happened, I also asked myself, “why did it happen?”

As you ask yourself questions like why I lose this person as a friend, your brain will help you find the answer. You’ll realize that it wasn’t a bad ending but a necessary step you had to do to move forward. 

Ask yourself why are you’re in a bad mood today, and your brain will answer the questions. Even if you don’t answer that question, you will realize that it helps you become calmer. 

Self-awareness is the second step of the Love 4Self method. If you missed the first step, you could read more on it by reading How to do a Self-Evaluation blog post.

What you have to understand about Self-Awareness is that God created you perfectly and that you can reshape your thoughts by becoming aware of that fact.

If you didn’t do it yet, I encourage you to read the free ebook, The Beauty of Self-Love: How to find love in your singleness. This book breaks down how you can use the Love 4Self to your advantage.

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