Disclaimer: Before you continue to read, I want to personally tell you that this post isn’t the post that you’d like to read but you SHOULD read. What’s in it isn’t pleasant but it’s the truth.

The title of this blog is pretty straight forward, you are blocking your own blessings. You’re probably like euh no, I accept my blessings with open arms, every day when I wake up I’m blessed. Well, you are not lying.

First, I want to tell you that the type of blessings that I’m talking about isn’t the “I woke up today so I’m blessed” or “I have food in my fridge”. I’m not talking about those, I am talking about your life as a whole. The promised life that God prepared for you, your bright future. In the life that we live in, we are called to live a fulfilled life and you’re the only one that is blocking that to happen. Let me break it down for you:

We live in fear
That’s the primary reason and the most common of all, we let fear control our lives. We make decisions based on what we feel and not what we know is right. We tend to settle for the easy way out and not for the “daring” life. We’re afraid of making mistakes and we want to show the world that we have it all together when we actually don’t. The problem with fear is, we end up regretting. We regret not doing what we should be doing, what our heart truly desires. By letting fear guide our lives, we let it block our blessings. I want you to realize that your life isn’t meant to be easy, life is meant to be hard, you are supposed to fail so you can become wiser as you grow. Don’t let fear block what God has for you, don’t let the lie of fear drag you because once you realize that you have been living in fear, it’s probably going to be too late.

We’re rushing
This is another common fact. I understand that we live in a world where everything moves fast, where we don’t have time for this or that. We tend to rush everything and not take time to actually enjoy and embrace what we’re doing right now. We want to get things done and we want to get what we want, right here, right now. Unfortunately, your blessing requires patience, life itself requires patience. You’re out there trying to impress people so you walk on the wrong path because you want to get people’s attention. Wait and be patient, your time to have a family will come, your time to have that wonderful career will come, your time to have a beautiful home, car, regular vacations will come. You just need to be patient and enjoy the moment you’re in and thank God for this very moment, leave everything to him, God knows what he’s doing.

Our calendar isn’t the same as God’s calendar
Talking about leaving everything to God. When I talk to people, they will say something like this “if I don’t have this by this year, I will do this”. Excuse me? your calendar isn’t the same as God’s calendar. You need to understand that you can not walk in God’s path and give God conditions. God will either give it to you or he will let you walk in circles without giving it to you. Please understand that you can not want a blessing and walk an unhealthy path. You need to sit straight, get yourself together and commune with God regularly and he will show you the way and your time will come.

We’re not prepared
Last but not least, the reason that you’re blocking your own blessings is preparation. We don’t take the time to prepare ourselves to receive our blessings. We desire to be rich, have a family, a beautiful wife, husband, a house etc. but we are far from being ready to receive them. You want to be rich but you can’t even manage what you currently have in your bank, having more money will bring you more debt. You want a beautiful family, husband or wife, but you have relationships issues. Evaluate yourself, these things can come anytime, but if you’re not ready, they won’t last long.

I can write this post in 10 pages long, honestly, I have so many ways that we block our blessings that I had to pick the top 4. We live in the past and/or the future, we don’t focus on what’s happening right now. I understand that we have to have a vision, to plan and to get things done. But, don’t let your busy schedule block your blessings. Don’t let the worries of yesterday and the anxiety of tomorrow ruin your blessings. Get over your past, and let tomorrow worry about itself. You need to know that your blessings may not come tomorrow and that you have plenty of work to do! You need inner growth and you need God to help you achieve all the turmoils that you will be facing. Open your arms and remain positive in everything you do, have faith and if you have to change the way you live, then do it. Don’t wait last minute in order to get your life straight. Don’t wait until you have the slightest taste of your blessing to show up so you can prepare for it. The answer to welcoming your blessings is to do the opposite of what I mentioned above.


I hope that this post helped at least one person.

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