We all have 24h in a day, and what you do within those 24h depends on many factors. However, during those 24h, we make a lot of unconscious decisions like staying in bed for another 30minutes or call in sick at work because we don’t feel like going. 

I call those unconscious decisions because we don’t think before we make those decisions. We don’t think of the consequences, the fact that our paycheque will be lower and that will make us work more next week when we could’ve avoided that. 

Some people make decisions, conscious ones, they know the result that it’s going to bring, but they don’t learn from it.

I was going through my Instagram out of boredom and an exciting picture cough my attention. It was a conversation between a journalist and a CEO. The conversation went like this:

Journalist: “What is the secret of your success?”

CEO: “Good decisions.”

Journalist: “and how do you make good decisions?”

CEO: “One word.”

Journalist: “And, what is that?”

CEO: “Experience”

Journalist: “And how do you get experience?”

CEO: “Two words.”

Journalist: “And, what are they?”

CEO: “Bad decisions.”

Then I remembered what I read a long time ago — DECISIONS SHAPE DESTINY. This quote reminded me of how it’s necessary to make conscious decisions because decisions shape our destiny; however, we overlook them and carry one with our old routine, which ends up being a cycle.

Decisions have consequences

When I read the little quote, I find it accurate. The choices that we make, either to procrastinate or to be productive, shapes our destiny. We’re going to stick with the status quo or change our entire life in a few months from now.

As we go through life, we make decisions. When we decide to do something or not, we will end up seeing the consequences sooner or later.

It will probably affect us directly, or someone else, and the consequences might be positive or negative. However, we will have to deal with the results.

Make conscious decisions

If we’re aware of the choices that we make every day, we will shape our future as we desire. If you want to accomplish something and you’re not starting somewhere, you will end up in a cycle, and that won’t help you in any way.

Since we’re starting a new year, you have to decide whether your year will be the same as last year or different. Throw your bad habits out of the window and try something new. It’s really up to you. However, you will have to deal with the consequences later.

You are the CEO of your life

Everyone should be like the CEO in that interview. The CEO explains that his success comes from his experiences, and his experiences were his bad decisions, which taught him how to make the right decisions.

I am just assuming that the CEO was conscious enough to decide for himself. His bad decisions were probably the right decision the time he did it; however, with time, he realized that it’s not the result that he wanted and learned from that.

You should be conscious enough to learn from your bad decisions. If you believe that you’re in the wrong place right now, carefully examine why you’re there. If you’re living in a cycle, learn from the bad decisions that you keep making and make the right decisions now.

We’re all CEOs of our lives. To be a successful CEO, we must learn from our past, meditate on them and start anew. Declare that 2020 will be full of mistakes and the right decisions. You can’t have good without bad because you have to learn, and learning from past experiences is the best way to succeed.

Decisions shape destiny, make good ones this year and shape your future.

I am working on this myself, I learn from my past decisions and try my best to make a good one. When I meet a new person, I decide to change my habits. When I go to work, I change my routine and see how that’s going to work. Every day is a new chance to make a conscious decision. Be your guinea pig and test everything you do.

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