Have you heard of the quote “haters make me famous”? Or something of that kind? Well I have, and when I hear it, I think that in life we shouldn’t focus on our haters. The best way to answer a hater is through success (which I can touch on this subject on a different post).

However, did you know that you are also one of your haters? You probably didn’t realize this, or you probably know this already, but you are your biggest hater. You’re the one that has negative thoughts about yourself. When you wake up in the morning and look into the mirror, what do you say to yourself? “I’m so ugly.” Or you tell yourself that you can’t do it, you can’t reach a specific goal because of your background, family or finance. You consistently say “I will never get that A on this exam,” “I can’t afford this car” or “I’m so dumb”… I laughed at this part because I’m also a victim of describing myself as someone that I’m not. Anyways, so how can you respond to your haters with success if you’re against yourself? I believe that it’s through positive thinking; you have to be positive daily. That is why I gathered 6 tips on how to stay positive every day to help you overcome this challenge.

Tip #1 – Ask God for help through prayers.

E.g., every morning I pray for my family, my friends and myself. When I start praying for myself, I ask God to help me build confidence and positive thinking. I ask him that my spirit has to remind me to remain calm in stressful situations and not to use my emotions to make a decision but to use my feelings to create an opportunity for positive thinking. I know that sometimes, I would drop and say bad things about myself without understanding it, and what would happen is that I would rethink and declare the opposite or something would tell me to text a friend that would help me think positive.

Tip #2 – Surround yourself with positive people.

You need to have at least one person in your inner circle that have positive vibes. So that when the time comes, if one of you have negative thoughts, you can help each other with positive thinking. Someone that can elevate you or make you look at your situation differently.

Tip #3 – Believe that you are more significant than what your current mind is telling you.

E.g., I’m not always great at cooking. I just started cooking seriously not long ago (maybe two years), and when I started, I was still setting the kitchen on fire. I burned two stoves and two casseroles. Now, I cook, and sometimes I make mistakes, my mind will tell me “you’re so stupid why did you put so much salt?” but in contrary, I will actually say this out loud: “it’s okay, you’re not stupid, you can just add more water and do better next time” (or I’ll start over again).

Tip #4 – Declare a positive adjective on yourself.

E.g., Every morning, I look at myself in the mirror, knowing that I have hyperpigmentation and my eyes are probably double the size because I didn’t sleep well, I say this: “Wow, you’re so beautiful, look at that glowing skin! You will shine today; you will have a 100 point feedback at work”.

Tip #5 – Get it out.

Get the negative thoughts out of your mind. E.g., I talk to myself often. Sometimes, I do a weekly review on things I did and things that I could have done better. And at any moment, I would give negative feedback to myself, but I would add positive feedback afterwards. It usually goes like this: “yes I did take that dumb decision or say something mean because I allowed myself to be dumb, but you’re not dumb nor stupid Victoria. You are brilliant, calm and ambitious, next week, you will organize yourself not to let that happen because you’re a brilliant woman”.

Tip #6 – Speak positivity to others.

It’s not just about the thoughts, but it’s also about what you say to other people. E.g., one of my coworkers was having a bad day, and she was saying negative things about themselves. I listened to what they said then I told her, “you are not what you just said, you need to stop thinking that way. Say the opposite, I know that you can overcome this, only if you’re positive about it, you will be able to go past it”.

At any time, anyplace, we tend to be our number one hater. We are telling ourselves that we can’t do this and that. It’s causing us to demotivate ourselves, we start procrastinating, and we lose track to what we planned to do.
If this post spoke to you, starting today, be more positive. Don’t limit yourself in your thoughts because that’s where your feelings, health and strength arises.

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