How long can you go without giving up? Most of us want real results pretty fast, but nothing is easy in life. We have to realize that good thing takes time, and it’s through struggles that we get where we want to go. 

Can you avoid distractions?

There are times when you will see many people enjoy their life. They spend their money and waste their body, eating unhealthy food. However, you are not them. You’re planning to save to pay off your student loans, your car or for your future home. Or, you want to lose weight, get a degree or a promotion. So far, you have been making sacrifices, and now you are distracted by what others are doing.

Distractions will always happen, envying others will happen. You might want to let go and have some fun. You are allowed to, but remember why you started doing this. The distractions are the reasons why having a plan is good. Having a plan and knowing when this sacrifice will end will push you to go harder and remain consistent. Living life day by day and wasting time and money isn’t what will get you there. You need to move, and you need to grow. 

Good things take time.

Give yourself some time, maybe ten years, and you will reach that goal. Even less than a year, you might be able to clear some of your financial struggles. Give yourself time and be patient with yourself. Tell yourself how much you love yourself and how proud you are of what you have been doing and who you’re becoming.

Taking decisions when you’re emotional isn’t the answer either. Be careful about what you wish for, and always remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing. We will go far; you will go far. You will find your place on this earth. You will help people achieve their dreams, and you will go up further than here. Because I know you have a gift, a talent that can be helpful to other people.

I know that you’re tired today, but I also know that you can do this. Fight with these emotions, with your mind. It’s okay to feel like you’re the only one that’s fighting. It’s okay to feel like there’s a lot for you to handle. However, everything is perfect right now. Tomorrow will also be excellent. Remember, you have a beautiful heart. You have been staying positive regardless of the situation. 

You’re a great human being. You are inspiring and loving. You are beautiful, and your legs define where you’re going. You’re a queen/king, and you have to know that you have to fight for your throne. Now you’re probably thinking about giving up and walking away from your family or friends, but you’re not too sure where you’re going.

Don’t give up. Stay committed.

Because this is not part of your plan, your plan isn’t giving up. You plan to stick to it no matter what. Know that your current situation is temporary; the house you live in, the tears and sweats are temporary.

Don’t worry; let your heart guide you. Let yourself be guided through your meditations and self-reflection or whatever you do to stay motivated. Correct yourself whenever you need to. 

Your current work is temporary, and life is short but long at the same time. You live every day but die once. So why are you afraid. What’s scaring you? What is making you want to quit? Love yourself every day. Keep focusing on your goals, baby girl/boy. you can do this!

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