As I’m getting better writing and obtaining subscribers and constructive feedback, I wanted to stop for a second and give you a few reasons why I blog. This blog post will be sort of an introduction, explaining why I started blogging and what I want you to know about me. 

I know that there’s the “About” page where I explain what Emmerance.com is all about. However, I felt like people don’t know me. And those that think that they do, they don’t. Last weekend, a good friend of mine texted me this “you’re not like other people, remember that.” I was like, “Okay, friend…” and thought, “this is a weird text.” 

I get weird texts all the time, and I see funny stuff too. That’s because I’m always thinking, then I write my thoughts, and then it becomes a blog post. If I’m able to structure it properly, I post it, and that’s how I come up with my blog post.

Why “Emmerance.com”

I wanted to start by sharing who Emmerance is. I remember when I was a child, I didn’t know why I had an E in one of my school pictures. Then it came to my knowledge that I was named Emmerance at birth. I realized it pretty late, and it was embarrassing because people made fun of my name for so long that I started hating it. 

However, when I decided to come out as me. I realized that Emmerance was giving my name a beautiful initial, EVON (Emmerance Victoria Odia Ndala). Yes, I have 4 names, and I can’t be more proud.

The meaning of my name

Names are powerful, I hope you know that. My parents called me Victoria for the meaning Victory because I was their Victory, I suppose. I’ve never actually asked the meanings of my names nor where they come from. I like exploring and discovering things on my own. Well, I probably asked my parents the meaning of my name Emmerance, but I totally forgot about it. 

A few days ago, I asked my dad for the meaning of the name “Emmerance,” he told me that some names just don’t have a meaning. Later the same day, he tells me to google “definition du nom Emmerance” (Translation: meaning of the name Emmerance). And here’s what I found: Emerance est un dérivé d’Emérentienne. Le prénom vient du latin emerere. Il signifie mériter. 

I had to Google translate for you:

Emerance is a derivative of Emérentienne. The first name comes from the Latin emerere. It means to deserve.

Now, when I read this, I’m so glad I named my blog after my name. Also, I’m thrilled to be named Emmerance because I deserve it. Calling my blog Emmerance also means that you are deserving, so have faith in whatever you do.

I have a voice

Now, why do I blog? I blog because I have a voice. What I mean by that is I have something to say. I like making people think, and that’s what I want my blog to do. When you read my blog post, I want you to start thinking about things that you don’t usually think of. Start conversations with people around you, conversations that generally don’t happen.

My voice actually makes sense, many people agree with them; thank you for your feedback if you ever left a comment or sent me a DM. 

I really appreciate people that take the time to read my blog posts. I don’t think highly of myself, nor I think anyone does. That’s good, I learned to not care. When I was a child, I felt invisible. Like I didn’t exist, I only started living when I turned 19. 

The adventure I had those years is one of my best memories. However, it’s only at 22 that I realized who I was. I realized that how I was living wasn’t the way I should be living. I wanted to face my fears and build my empire (that’s what I used to tell myself).

I listen, I speak when I have something to say

There’s another reason why I blog. I blog because I listen, and when I listen, I respond. I don’t talk for long, I just ask questions to make sure I understand then, I say what my thoughts are telling me to say. The result; I provided useful advice to someone older, younger, prettier, smarter or whatever than me. 

I believe that we all have special powers. Some people have physical abilities, some people have cognitive skills, and some have powers to lift up and give others hope. I don’t think I have physical powers; I can only work out, but you won’t see me play any sports. However, I can help someone see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I can do the things that I love doing the most; writing, reading and listening.

To finish, I blog because I love writing, reading, listening and helping. I went through a silent childhood. I was invisible as a teenager, and my “young adult” period was crazy (I’m still a young adult, I presume). Through all that, from childhood to young adult, I was mature. Mature enough to shut up and listen.

I heard and saw so many things that helped me decide who I wanted to be. When I don’t have anything to say, I don’t open my mouth. If I do, I will only say things that I don’t mean or say some BS.

My experiences with myself and others

I’ve learned many things in my life. From surviving in a big family and losing friends. From losing money to gaining money (I might lose even more). I learned how to communicate effectively and how to work and save.

I thought that it was time for me to share my experiences, others’ experiences that inspire me, and motivation with people who need it. My blog isn’t too personal, either. My sole goal is to help at least one person.

There are so many things that my parents, siblings, teachers, school (overall) didn’t teach me. I happen to teach myself how to deal with relationships, self-love, goals, money, and anything else that is out of my control. This blog is about teaching others things that I believe weren’t promoted enough to me while I was growing up.

I do want to reach many people and connect with everyone. But, it’s not everyone that has the same issues as me. So I do understand if one or more of my blog post doesn’t hit your home. All I know is, if you share, it will hit someone else’s home.

You learned that I’m a quiet individual. Still, I’m always there to give a piece of advice with the help of my own experiences and others’, even when I’m not an expert on the subject. I did mention that I don’t think highly of myself, but I’m wise, I made many smart decisions in my life so far, and a little wisdom in your life helps you survive in today’s world.

One last thing, I wanted you to know that you are deserving. 

All you need in life is faith. 

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