Have you ever had an “Aha” moment? When you realize that you finally get it. You finally understand what you’ve been wondering about for so long. Well, I just did. I learned something about life, and I’d like to share it with you.

We’re almost at the end of 2020. Precisely, we’re starting the last quarter. Some people are getting ready to push to the max. Some people are still mourning with everything that’s going on in the world. 

Not even a week ago, I lost a childhood friend. It was unbelievable, unreal, I’d say—someone so young, gone so soon. You ask yourself why? Why didn’t he make it to his 24th birthday as I did? Why is life so unfair? 

I’ve never dealt with mourning. That was the very first time someone that I personally knew passes away. You get all sorts of feelings; I shed a few tears, I got sad, and then I felt compassion.

Yesterday, I lost my hero. Chadwick Aaron Boseman. Chadwick’s life story inspired me to keep going. To make a change in someone’s life. He was a giver and a great actor at that. I felt like 43 years old is too soon.

It’s funny how the day before, I was talking about me being 50. Now I’m not so convinced that I will reach that age. It’s not that I’m sad about people dying or something… 

This is where my “Aha” moment came in.

What is life exactly? I ask myself. Death is normal, it’s very normal. We’re not meant to live forever. Even though there are scientists that are looking for ways to make it possible. I honestly don’t want to live forever.

I remember when I was young and had suicidal thoughts, I even tried to kill myself. I remember the trauma, the emotions that I felt deep inside of me. Somehow, I survived, and a thought came in and said: “this ain’t it.”

I believe that the greatest heroes die after doing something that they were supposed to do in this world. Make an impact, change someone’s life, start a revolution. 

An example would be my greatest hero Patrice Lumumba. Even though he also died at a young age, he left an impact on the world. He motivated many African leaders. I’m sure that by now you get the picture.

The “Aha” moment that I had was the following: We’re all spirits borrowing human bodies. I feel like our Spirit knows precisely what we have to do. However, the human brain consumes so much that it can forget about that purpose. 

What’s the meaning of your life?

Therefore, you must find the meaning of your life. What are you going to leave behind if death also visits you? It’s a way of saying that we have a mission on this earth, and we shouldn’t get attached to this world.

What we should do is take care of the body that God/ the Universe gave us. Use this body at its full potential and then leave it when it’s time.

Don’t be afraid of death. Don’t be sad about it either. I got to taste mourning this year. I know how it feels, and I’m sure it feels even worse when it’s someone that you personally know. 

However, stay strong! Keep taking care of yourself, be grateful for what you have, and pray for what you want to accomplish.

I know that I want to change someone’s life. Even if I can change one person’s life or way of living, I will be leaving this world happy. So ask yourself, why are you here?

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