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Have you ever been in a situation that requires you to make a decision? And when that moment comes, some of us become hesitant because it’s not right “timing.” I realized that we become hesitant because when the right time comes, we’re not ready. Here’s a life lesson that I learned recently about timing.

What’s timing?

Before we go in-depth, timing in Emmerance’s word means choosing when something should happen.

In life, God or the “Universe” has His timing, and we also have our timing. For example, God decided the time of your birth, and you didn’t. But as we grow, we start making our own decisions at our timing.

My timing vs God’s timing

In the post “Let’s Talk About Prayers,” I explained how I’ve always wanted to move out of my parent’s place. When the feeling got stronger, I decided to plan the date. I wanted to move out in September to have time to pack and find the right apartment. 

At the end of July, I was searching everywhere online for a one-bedroom apartment. The perfect one that I found (right place and space), had the move-in date of August 1st. I tried to negotiate the move-in date, but it wasn’t possible. 

Later, I realized that the ad was no longer there. I got worried but told myself that God has the right apartment for me, so I kept looking. Everywhere was either too expensive or wasn’t to my liking. After continuing the search, the same August apartment ad was back online. I e-mailed the owner again, and this time, I decided to go for it. 

After visiting the apartment, I agreed to move-in in August. The owner liked me, and we signed the deal. Now, there was an uncomfortable situation that I had to face. I had to inform my parents that I found an apartment.

The right timing to face your fears

I have older parents, parents that could be my grandparents to be precise. I’m telling you this for you to understand the different mindset my dad and I have. He’s more traditional, and I’m more about putting myself first. 

I don’t have an issue with his traditional ways. However, I believe that everyone has the right to explore life as they want. 

The decision to move out was probably one of the biggest decisions I’ve made in my life. It’s a big step for me, so it was necessary. People move out for different reasons; freedom, closer to school, work etc.

There are multiple reasons why I wanted to move out, which my parents wouldn’t understand. Moving out for me meant autonomy, fewer distractions and space for me to expand my skills. 

The conversation that I had with my parents triggered my childhood trauma. It’s like facing my biggest fear. Everything I had in me for so many years exploded. 

Before the conversation with my parents, I was wondering if it was a good time for it. I was feeling all sorts of ways; it was like my heart was about to come out.

Finally, I decided to go for it with confidence. During the conversation, I put my foot down, and I got emotional (I said things that might have hurt my parents). After that conversation, I felt relieved. I was more happy than sad.

When it was time to move out, I did most of the work myself. I was determined and found great pleasure in doing it. The weekend after the conversation with my parents, I grabbed most of my things, including my bed and used my sister’s car to move.

When the timing is right, positive energy flows within you.

Today I’m comfortable getting used to the peace that I found within me. These events made me realize that God’s timing isn’t my timing. I relied on the power of God more than anything, and it has helped me many times.

When you let God do the work, things will go as you want. I was looking for a beautiful apartment that didn’t check my credits, and that had a good owner. The owner was friendly; he didn’t check my credits and renovated the apartment.

In life, you will have to face your biggest fear. The right moment will come, and when it does, you should be ready to fight. My biggest concern was the conversation with my parents.

When you feel the need that you must do something, if you don’t do it, you will live with regret. There’s a feeling that will start to consume you. I was feeling sad, nervous, exhausting. After dealing with it, I felt the biggest relief in my shoulders.

Ever since I moved out, I found a feeling of inner peace. I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s like I don’t owe anything to anyone. I’m more focused and in line with my purpose so far.

I know that this challenge opened up many doors in my life. The one that I faced is only the beginning of many. Life will bring many other problems, and I have to be ready for it.

On that note

Remember that God’s timing is completely different than ours. Once he gives us the opportunity, we should be ready to grab it. By being ready, it means that you must have everything in order. 

When that time comes, you have to be aware of your feelings. If it’s God’s timing, you will feel like everything is going the way it should. You’re not stressed or tired; you do it because it is what you wanted.

Again, moving out was the biggest decision that I have made in my life. I faced one of my fears, which is telling my parents how I felt. When moments like that happen, you realized that you could go further in life and face many challenges because you have faced your biggest fear.

In everything that you do, do it because it means something to you. Make sure that you make the right decision at that particular moment. There’s one thing that I learned from reading “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor E. Frankl is to live today as if it was the past. 

What would you do differently if what you’re about to do was already done? You pick the right move as if God gave you a second chance at it. That’s exactly what I did.

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