I did a lot of reflection during this disturbing week. From COVID to quarantine to BLM, I realized that I was able to remain calm and positive during these difficult moments. These moments aren’t close to being over, but I noticed that I could make a difference.

As I’m turning the page to a new chapter, I realize that life is what you make of it. What you have in your heart becomes your reality. Your heart, mind and soul determine how you see life. I say that because your world is a reflection of you.

What I learned in these 24 years on earth.

State of mind

As soon as you allow certain things to affect you, you are not in control of what’s going on inside of you. I have many experiences where I let other people or events affect my mood and my day.

However, I don’t let it go far. I realized that if I go to bed in a negative mood, this will destroy the world that I’m trying to create. Therefore, I seek forgiveness or help from my circle.

I learned that when your heart is at peace, and when you have positive energy inside you, your world will be positive, despite the chaos. You’re like a bird resting under a rock while it’s pouring rain. I have been meditating every day, consistently for the last two weeks, and I can tell the difference with my moods.


Surrounding yourself with positive people also helps. Of course, we will never agree to everything in life. However, when you have people around you that are available to hear you without judging, you feel important. 

Being surrounded by people helps you practice love. You love your family members regardless of what people say. You love your partner despite their flaws, and you love yourself above all. Loving yourself is crucial because the love that you have for yourself will be pouring out into other people.


I wrote a lot about meditating on my latest blog posts. I started meditating since 2018, but I have been focusing on it this year. Quarantine helped me connect with myself on a deeper level. I can’t tell you exactly how meditation feels, but I can tell you that it enables you to stay positive and conscious.

When I spend the day consciously making the right decisions, listening to my inner voice and picking what I feel right, I go to bed with zero regrets. I’m able to spend time with myself, my books and my family. 

The minute I hit 24, is the minute that I pray that new blessings will come. Every day is a new day, new battles and unique experiences—opportunities after opportunities. A chance to love, laugh and live life fully. 

I always tell myself that I’m the one in control of my life. Whatever I ask for faithfully will eventually come true. Hard times have to exist in my life for me to be better. Nobody will do the job for me because they don’t know what my heart desires. 

Therefore, for these 24 years on earth, I’m grateful for the depression, rejections, and the tears. Because without them, I wouldn’t be Emmerance Victoria that I am today.

This was a little blog post to help you reflect on life. I’m not planning on making any resolution or things like that. I wanted to share my view of life on earth during my 24 years on earth.

Stay blessed and remember that all you need in life is FAITH.

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