When I was younger, whenever I heard the word prayer, I could only think about praying to Jesus. Today, as far as I lived, I realized that praying is not just about Christianism. After reading many books and watching several videos and movies about prayers, I’d like to share how praying has helped me.

What is a prayer:

In Emmerance’s words, prayer is asking. When you pray (request), you must have faith that you will receive it. 

The Bible teaches us to pray without ceasing. What I realized after studying the Bible is that prayers go hand in hand with our thoughts and words. Our words are powerful; every word or thought we have is like a prayer because, most of the time, we believe in our thoughts and words.

I have this weird habit of analyzing my situations. This week, I took the time to examine my life. I realized that growing up in a Christian family isn’t bad at all.

My parents are firm believers, so they pray a lot. I’m sure that their prayers have guided me to become who I am today. Of course, there’s a part of it that I had to take control. 

However, there are some events in my life that I have to recognize my parent’s prayers. I had the opportunity to immigrate to Canada, to have food on the table, to have a roof on top of my head, and my parents are still married etc. Those are all blessings and results of accomplished prayers.

Without realizing it, God or the “Universe” was protecting me from the moment I was born. This also applies to you, which is why we must be grateful every day.

Fun fact about prayers

You have to understand that everyone prays. With or without purpose, we pray as we speak or think. The result of it is we curse people, or we bless them. My parents probably did both because, as humans, we have doubts or other negative thoughts.

My own life experience with prayers

As of myself, I have prayed unintentionally and intentionally. I will share three cases in my life where I have prayed, and it has come true or almost.

Here’s a summary of my three cases: 

  1. After reading a prayer book, I tried to practice what I learned from it.
  2. I prayed once for something I dearly wanted. It took almost a year to obtain it and with significant challenges.
  3. I didn’t pray for it at first. I kept saying that it will happen until it was finally time, then I prayed for it to be the one.

Now, don’t jump in the conclusion that the third case has something to do with a relationship. I’m very well single, and I love it. However, the first situation is about a relationship.

The prayer book

At the beginning of 2019, I read the book “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy. The book is about prayers and repetition. In the book, Joseph Murphy wrote samples of prayers that you can practice for your specific need. 

I have tried many of them, but the one that I found interesting was the “How to attract the ideal husband.” There’s also a prayer for the ideal wife (just mentioning it). I modified the text to fit my needs, and I prayed that prayer once. 

Another thing that I did was: writing down a list of what I wanted in a man. When you watch a lot of Steve Harvey shows, you practice some of his advice. So, when I modified the prayer found in the book, I included my list of my ideal man. 

Fast forward, just when quarantine started, I connected with an old friend. At first, I didn’t think much of it. We were catching up, and he was helping me with my writing. After months of talking, we decided to date.

My prayer was intentional, but then I forgot all about it. After a conversation with him, I noticed some similarities in what I wrote down on my prayer. Especially the list that I had for my “perfect” man.

Long story short, I was in a good relationship with this man. We had our ups and downs. I learned a lot from him, which helped me grow as a person. 

What went wrong:

When we broke up, I asked myself why it didn’t work. I wasn’t sure. However, when analyzing this first case, I realized the following:

I did what I was supposed to do, which was to pray. Yet, the book suggests to repeat our prayers and affirm that it is done. When I prayed, I believed in my prayer at first. 

After praying just once, I spent 2019 trying to be in a relationship with a negative mindset. I kept repeating to myself or in conversations; “I don’t want to get married, why am I even trying?” Or, “this might be the one,” but I didn’t believe that. Or I would get scared of the fact that I had to deal with another human being (introvert moments).

After analyzing the first case, I realized two things. One is, if I ever try to be in a relationship again, I should be confident in my relationship and myself. The second is, relationships are challenging, so buckle up. However, as I always say, all you need in life is faith, so I should have confidence in my prayers.

The challenging prayer

The second instance was one that I really believed in, and God blessed me dearly. I was at my old employment for about a year and a few months (almost two years). When I hit that one year of employment, I started worrying about my next move. So I prayed for a new opportunity; for better pay and a better work environment. 

Of course, when we pray, we must take action. For a few months, I started applying pretty much everywhere online. I applied to my field of study and some other places. After months of applying, NOBODY reached out to me! 

I started to stress because some of my co-workers were having better opportunities and were leaving me behind. There was a little jealousy that started building up inside of me. But, I remember that we must bless those that have what we want. So, I started congratulating my co-workers and even attended some goodbye parties. 

During those stressful moments, I did get a promotion and worked on a different project. I met new people, and some of them left for better opportunities. One of them saw a chance for me at his new job, a private company, and referred me. I was so happy, I thought, “FINALLY! God answered my prayers.”

When things started to move:

At the same time, a friend of mine referred me to a government job. I had to send an e-mail to HR, so I sent my resume and cover letter. I received a reply, “the job opportunity is now online, please apply there.” I was discouraged because when I applied online, nobody reached out to me, so I never applied for it. 

As I was working, I received a phone call from the government HR, he found an opportunity for me and would like me to do a few interviews. I was so excited, but then I had two interviews in the same week. I had exams here and there to check if I’m fully bilingual with both opportunities.

Every day, I would go to work late, or I had to swap my shifts. Finally, I had to wait for the final call. The private company said, “We always let people know if we pick them or not, you will surely hear from us” after a few weeks, I’ve never heard from them.

With the government, they always take time, so I was patient. While waiting for two months, I had my doubts, but I was sure that I had the job. 

The first reason was that I knew the person that interviewed me, and he also remembered me. The second reason is that they kept me informed if I was going to get the position or not. After a month of waiting, here I was, starting my new job.

Repetition and affirmation

The third instance is about repetition and affirmation. I’ve always wanted to move out and live my life in another city. However, when you have old school parents, it’s not easy.

Since 2014, I’ve been looking for ways to leave my parent’s home. It’s not that I don’t love them. I do love my parents a lot. I needed to get the experience of living alone before I get married.

I don’t recall praying intentionally for a place to live. I remember praying for the “right home.” However, I didn’t even know what or where that was. For a few years, I’ve been telling my friends that I wanted to move. 

At the end of my university years, I had the chance to live at my sister’s place. She had to travel, so I stayed there for two years, and I loved the autonomy. 

When I went back to my parent’s place, the urge to move out was stronger than me. It was a must now. For the one year that I lived with my parents, I kept telling my mom that I will move out. I didn’t know where, but I wanted her to know beforehand. 

Confidence and prayer:

One day, I was doing my budget for the rest of the year, and I estimated the amount that my apartment should cost. It was between 500-600, and if you’re in Ottawa, you will never find an apartment with that price. In Gatineau, you can find something around 600, but I only saw 680 and up everywhere I looked.

After searching online, I found a one-bedroom apartment for 580 all-inclusive, most appliances included, but it was for students. I didn’t give up, I said to myself, we will never know until we try. I reached out to the owner, and this wonderful man approved of me.

I did one prayer after visiting the apartment. The prayer was simple; I requested that the place be available and comfortable for me. The owner suddenly decided to make a few renovations, and I moved.

To finish, how you should be praying

All my three stories explain to you the basics of prayers. When you pray, the first thing you must do is be very specific with what you want. Even if it seems impossible, you have to know that nothing is impossible for God. I used visualization a lot in my prayers, I do pray for particular things in life, and often I get it, sometimes I just have to wait.

The second lesson is patience and what you do while waiting. When you pray, expect it to come true, but don’t give up on your faith. Be happy for the people that have or are obtaining what you’re looking for. Always congratulate the person that just got your dream car or house. Be genuinely happy for them, and bless them.

The third one is easy, repetition and perseverance. You must feel it within you that your prayer is accomplished. And when you do, you will keep on repeating it with assurance. It shouldn’t feel like homework. It usually flows naturally, and you comfortably talk about it with confidence. 

This reminds me of when I finished university. I knew that I was going to finish it, and I did. There are many small prayers that I usually do unintentionally, and it has always worked. There are many books that you can read other than the one I mentioned above to motivate you throughout your journey. However, the key is to believe. 

Remember, all you need in life is FAITH!

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