Did you make any resolutions in 2019? How did it go? Did you accomplish all of them, or were you too busy with life that you ended up giving up halfway? Did you learn anything from it and decided to change plans this year?

If you’re the type that always makes new years resolution and fail to achieve them, keep reading. I have accomplished almost all of my 2019 goals, and I wanted you to know the secret tricks that I used to reach them.

First, start now!

First of all, why wait until the clock shows 0:00 to start doing what you planned? I think that the more you wait, the higher the risk that you won’t even do it.

A New Year’s resolution is like a goal, well it is, you need to get to it now. Mentally prepare yourself, start digging deep on how you can accomplish it, create a plan.

When I wrote down my goals for 2019, I started some of the goals way before December 2018, and some I started moths after January 2019. The reason isn’t that I was procrastinating, or I was too excited. I mentally prepared myself for each goal, and this is something that helped me determine which one I should focus on first.

Second, pray for it

This is a vital step. You need to put your plans into God’s hands. I mean, you could achieve them with your own strength, but God makes the process easier.

Pray with confidence and believe that you’ve already achieved your resolutions. It will be done as you wish because the greater the faith, the better.

When I make any plans, I always pray. I ask for guidance, support and courage to accomplish them. When I don’t achieve them, I keep the faith and look forward to further accomplishments.

When you do pray, and everything doesn’t go as you planned, thank God for it because some things aren’t meant to be, or your time isn’t here yet. So, keep the faith.

Third, there are no quit options

When you’re mentally preparing your goals, put it out there that there are no quit options. When you do that, it will allow you to see different possibilities; for example, the chances that you’re going to give up, and what to do to prevent it from happening.

If, during the process, you get lazy, don’t forget that you can always come back to it and continue or start all over again. It’s okay to take breaks, but if you wrote down your goals somewhere, being able to go back and reread it will push you to continue.

As for me, I had to wait until the end of 2019 to accomplish my last goal. I had to work on this plan all year long. I wanted a new job, and I was applying everywhere with no results.

It is on the 31st of December 2019 that I finally gave my two weeks’ notice. This happened because I didn’t give up and had faith.

Fourth, do your best.

When you write down your resolution, write it with confidence that everything will be accomplished before the end of the year. However, remember to not be too hard on yourself.

If you fail, don’t get mad at yourself. As long as you tried, remember that you did your best, and it’s okay to fail. Please write down the reasons you failed and learn from it.

There are no quit options, so remember that this year’s new year resolution can be pushed to next year. As long as you learn a lesson and correct yourself, you should be able to achieve your goal. Or maybe you’ll realize that that’s not what you wanted and you decide to change plans. It’s okay, as long as you did your best.

I had a few goals that weren’t important to me. I did my best, but I ended up finding it irrelevant for the year. Although I did my best to accomplish it, I felt like it wasn’t time yet. I learned my lessons and still have it in my notebook to reread and learn.

I hope that this inspired someone somewhere. Don’t let people negativity affect you. Write down that New Year’s resolution and accomplish them like a BOSS!

Happy New Year and God bless.

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