Two days ago, I was watching One Piece, and my favourite character, Monkey D. Luffy, said something that touched me. He said “it’s not whether I can do it or not, I do it because I want to. At least when I die doing it, I will be happy”. I was like Yes! it’s because I want to do this, that’s why I am doing it, regardless if I can do it or not. That’s actually the reality of life!

Do you know the power of wanting something?  When you want something you start daydreaming about it with a smile, you get all excited about doing what you want to do or to be. Then, you come down on earth and you start doubting yourself. Or you share your idea with your friends and/or family and they start telling you the usual “what if”. That starts scarring you and you start thinking that it was a dumb idea or that you could never achieve whatever you were excited to do.

Well, that’s what everyone goes through and that’s very human so it’s “normal”. Nonetheless, I want to tell you that you shouldn’t let that stop you. You see, the power of wanting, when you mix it with confidence and God, you’re set! Well, it sounds simple but it’s not. Honestly, I go through these stages every day and I learn every time. Therefore, since I go through these stages, I made a list of 9 steps that you can take when you truly want something in life and I guarantee you that you will get it.

1. Work on your beliefs

What do you believe in? Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe that you already have what you want at this present moment? You have to ask yourself those questions when you start wanting something and visualize that you already have it. It is very crucial to believe before you even share your ideas, that’s where your confidence will grow.

2. Evaluate your surroundings

Surround yourself with people that believe in you, don’t listen to negative people. Gradually find people that are already on the same path (a mentor), and surround yourself with people that have way more experience than you.

3. Write it down

Write whatever you want down on a piece of paper and look at it twice daily. This is a step that I myself struggle with but, I’m practicing every day to read it and pray about it twice a day and I carry the piece of paper wherever I go. Either it’s long term or short term, the fact that you wrote it down will motivate you to start somewhere.

4. Ask yourself “how” can you achieve it

Ask yourself questions based on what you want. E.g, how can I achieve this in 5 years? How do I become this in 10 years? Find real and legal solutions. Don’t do fraud to obtain what you want because you will not enjoy it and it won’t last. Do some research and look for people that are where you want to be or have what you want to have and if they’re reachable, ask them how they got there or read about them if they’re unreachable.

5. Plan it

This is very important! You can have a goal but if you don’t plan it, it’s just a dream (I think I wrote this somewhere already). Anyways, planning is very important. After you know how to get there, you have to plan on a daily basis, and those daily plans have to contribute to your final goal.

6. Study, and feed your brain

This step is where many people skip when they set out for what they want. Don’t set out blindly or you will get scammed or fouled. You have to build up strength, your brain needs to know what you should and shouldn’t be doing.  Read about what you want, learn about how to get there. I am pretty sure that there’s already a book for it or you can take online courses. Prepare yourself, don’t go on a battlefield unprepared.

7. Take actions, and create new habits if necessary

You may feed your brain with really good content but if you don’t put it in action, where are you heading? If you’re having difficulties in staying on top of everything, create a new habit that will help you get organized. People might find excuses like I work full time, I have kids etc. When you really want something, you make time for it. I am sure that you can cut off a few things for what you want. You will need to sacrifice something for a while.

8. Give and you will receive

Don’t forget that in your journey, you will have to help others in order to get rewarded. If you have someone that you admire, you will notice that they give to society or help others in a certain way. Either by teaching them, donation etc. My hero, Monkey D. Luffy, although he’s aiming to become the King of Pirates, wherever he goes, he always helps others.

9. Pray until you obtain it

Last, you need to pray. Pray for guidance, for opportunities, for clarity, for strength, for what you want! And you need to pray endlessly until whatever you want comes true. Luke 18:1.

Now, some people might be like, wow Vicky you’re using One Piece as an example? lol Well look, I learn many things from Luffy and since he inspired me to write this post, I don’t mind using it to help you as he helps me. Luffy never gives up, and he inspires me to do the same, even though he’s a fictional character. I also recommend watching One Piece 🙂 (side joke).

Again, Never give up! if you follow these 9 steps and you truly believe, you will get it! I wish you all the greatest success in everything you set your mind to!

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