In my recent post, I talked about fear by putting it as number one in You’re Blocking Your Own Blessings post. This time, I wanted to share how you can overcome your fears like I do every day. But before I engage deeper into the subject, let’s take a look at the definition of fear. I googled it (because Google knows everything), and here’s what I found.

Fear: an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat.

This is just my personal opinion, I believe that 90% of our fears are an illusion. We often have multiple ways to protect ourselves from our fears, by giving excuses or by masking the fear with a negative personality trait. For example, I used to say that I’m shy when I meet someone for the first time. People that know me, personally, would call me a liar because I’m not so shy when you get to know me. I used shy to not engage in an unpleasant conversation or give a bad first impression, I used to be afraid of what people might think about me or I didn’t want to have a negative first impression. That was my fear, and being shy became my reality and it affected my life negatively. I had troubles with introducing myself and it was even nerve-wracking when I was being interviewed for employment.

My point is, however you cover your fears, on a daily basis, it becomes a habit. And your world becomes a lie, and you end up blocking your own blessings because of the illusion that you believe in.

Last month, I had decided to face my biggest fears. I was scared of taking the plane alone, and I was scared of driving alone for a long period of time. So, I planned two weekends to face my fears. I took the plane alone and went to Vancouver, and I drove 5 hours and 30 minutes to go to Sudbury alone. All these fears that I didn’t want to face, I faced them. But it didn’t just happen like that, I had to go through a few steps in order for me to face the giants in my life. I have been doing these steps every time I need to face my fear, and it could take me months to finally face them. Here, I will share the 5 steps that I personally take in order to face my fears and overcome them.

Where does it come from?

Just like I explained before, we cover our fears by giving ourselves a negative personality trait. Another example would be when people tell you tragic stories and you start believing in that story when you weren’t even part of it. That person just transmitted his or her illusion into you, and it became your reality. An example of it would be when someone says that you shouldn’t be a flight attendant because of how dangerous it is. Another example is when someone gives you a personality trait and you believe that you are what they say you are which creates fear. Example, when you talk about your problems and the person just says well, you’re strict or you always stress, and that becomes your reality. Either way, it is important to know where the fear came from.

So the very first thing that you need to do is to know where did you get that fear from? What caused it? Is it family members that told you something and you believed it? Is it something you saw in the news? Anyways, every fear created by our conscious mind has a story.

Acknowledge the fear

After you analyzed the root of your fear, you have to acknowledge that you are afraid of it. If you find yourself saying that you’re shy, crazy or mean sometimes, you have to acknowledge that there’s a story that’s behind it and that you don’t want to re-experience it. That story might have brought fear in your life. In other words, acknowledge that you’re afraid of being in a certain situation.

To help you acknowledge your fears, ask yourself these questions: how does it make you feel when you hear about it? Are you traumatized or is it something that you don’t think that you’ll able to overcome? Anyways, you have to acknowledge and be humble enough because you will face the fears.

Understand that you’re the one that created the fear

After you acknowledge that you are afraid of a certain someone or something, you need to understand that you’re the one that made that fear become your reality. You have to constantly repeat day and night that your fear is just an illusion that’s created by your conscious mind. Knowing that you’re the creator of the fear will give you ideas and open opportunities on how to overcome them. Since you’re the one that created it, you will know how to demolish it.


Yes, your fear will turn into confidence when you decree that you’re no longer a slave of those fear. There are many forms of prayer, but the most important thing to remember is that faith and belief are the two factors that will elevate your prayers and make them come true. When you declare, day and night, that your fear is just an illusion and that you’re confident in anything that you do, you will witness changes in your attitudes when you talk about your fears. Prayer builds confidence and shapes your walk in life. I would advise you to pray until your fear is no longer your reality. This step can take time, you may have doubts and excuses, so you will see that you’re not going anywhere. Therefore, when you pray, pray with the belief that you’re no longer afraid.

Visualize and face the fear

This step may take time too, but if you did the step before this, you should be able to see yourself living a life without fear nor limitation. It will depend on how ready you are and your state of mind. But I want you to remember that everything that’s negative in your thoughts, will become your reality. You need to see yourself, visualize a life without that fear. For example, before taking the plane, I saw myself in Vancouver hugging my sister at the airport. When I went to Sudbury, I had already visualized my trip, how I was having fun in the car with my lit playlist and seeing my friends in Sudbury and dancing together.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “do the thing you are afraid to do, and the death of fear is certain”.

So I encourage everyone that reads this to do what they’re afraid to do. There’s a process to it, but know that these are basic steps. You can face your fears today with confidence without my steps, which I do for my small fears but I know that some fears takes more time than others and that’s why I go through my personalized steps to overcome them.

I hope that this blog helped at least one person.
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