As the outdoors are re-opening, maybe for good, everyone is looking forward to doing things they previously took for granted; travelling, clubbing or dining outside. However, let’s remind ourselves that there are some habits that we also took for granted when we were living the normal life that we had to practice during quarantine. 

In this blog post, we will see four important habits to keep after quarantine. These habits are mostly taken for granted, hence why I want to remind you that it’s necessary to keep them for your well-being.

While reading this blog post, I want you to take a minute and think about how you spent the last years. When these uncertain times started, mental health was a priority. Many people weren’t used to being alone for so long, which affected their mental health. If that’s you, I want you to think of how you dealt with that aloneness. 

The first habit that I want you to keep is how you ended up enjoying your own company. Figured out what you love doing and how you did it. Maybe you got yourself a pet, or you started journaling. Whatever it is, I want you to keep that habit even when quarantine is over.

Now, here’s the four important habits to keep after quarantine.

Habits to take good care of your mental health

The first habit to keep when quarantine is over is to take your mental health seriously. I suggest that you have a mental health day or self-care day. On this day, you can turn off your social media and focus on your well-being. You can do something that you love, or you can find a time to journal. Either way, the purpose of this mental health day is to check in with yourself and make sure that you’re doing good.

Habits to release stress

I saw many people on social media, and some people I know get into this particular habit. During this time, there was a rise of plant lovers. If you started caring for plants and it felt like therapy to you, I encourage you to keep that habit. 

Another habit of releasing stress can be attending therapy sessions. I don’t believe that therapy is only for extreme cases. Many people go through therapy regularly to keep working on themselves, which helps a lot if you’re going to be busy after this time.

Think of a habit that you created to release your stress. Maybe you enjoyed the morning/night walks. Getting Vitamin D is essential. Or you kept working out even though the gym was closed. Well, I encourage you to keep those habits because it’s perfect for your health.

Cook your meals and keep supporting local businesses.

The ones that got hugely hit by this pandemic are local businesses. My heart goes to any company that had to shut down because of Corona. If you were one of the people that supported the local businesses, I encourage you to keep doing so. However, I also want you to keep cooking your meals to save money. 

I don’t know about you, but this past year, I have been thinking about my internal health; the food that I eat. I did some research, and I committed to change my eating habits (even though I can’t give up on chocolate). 

If you didn’t do so yet, I encourage you to keep an eye on the food you feed yourself because this goes a long way after a few years. While I’m writing this, I’m doing a ten days detox challenge. If you’re interested in resetting your diet, I encourage you to look at it here.

Entertaining yourself at home

The following habit depends on whether you live alone or exclude yourself to have some alone time while you lived with someone else. The practice of entertaining yourself when you’re alone can be the following: reading a book, watching your favourite show, playing board/video games, painting. If you ever had some time for yourself and you enjoyed it during quarantine, I encourage you to keep doing it as the outside is re-opening.

On that note, I want to encourage you to spend more time with yourself even if you can go outside. I know many people who told me that they learn more about themselves when they travel alone or do something by themselves. 

Even when quarantine is over, I encourage you to keep these habits dearly with you because they were there to support you throughout the pandemic. 

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